Are you dreaming of a wedding that feels like it’s straight out of a fairy-tale?


Look no further than Kimbridge Barn, where winter weddings come alive with magic and charm. Here’s why a winter wedding at Kimbridge Barn might be the perfect choice for you:

  1. Authentic charm and personalised touches: Kimbridge Barn exudes rustic charm and offers personalised touches, ensuring your wedding day is not just a celebration but a journey into the past where timeless elegance meets modern romance.
  2. Cosy ambiance: Imagine the romantic glow of warm lighting and soft candlelight casting an intimate ambiance throughout the rustic interior of Kimbridge Barn, creating the perfect setting for a celebration filled with love and warmth.
  3. Breath-taking surroundings: Exchange vows against the backdrop of frost-kissed trees or capture stunning photographs in the glistening snow, surrounded by the ethereal beauty of the countryside.
  4. Festive decor delights: Indulge in opulent hues, lush foliage, and charming festive touches like pinecones and wreaths, creating a cosy and enchanting atmosphere enhanced by fairy lights and scented candles.
  5. Cosy outdoor firepit gatherings: Extend the enchantment of your winter wedding beyond the barn walls with our inviting outdoor firepit. Gather around with your loved ones, sipping on signature cocktails and toasting marshmallows as you bask in the warmth of the crackling flames.
  6. Winter comfort cuisine: Indulge in comforting winter dishes expertly crafted by our talented chefs to warm your heart and delight your taste buds.  There’s nothing like a warm meal to make your guests feel full and comfortable at cocktail hour.
  7. Winter wonderland experience: Treat your guests to a warm festive cocktail, mulled wine or cider upon arrival and boozy hot chocolates towards the end of the day, transforming your wedding into a charming winter wonderland experience.
  8. Beat Wedding Fatigue: Celebrate amidst the joyful holiday spirit of November and December or kick off the new year with a refreshing January or February wedding, offering guests a chance to rejuvenate and enjoy the occasion.
  9. Off-peak perks: Winter weddings mean you’re opting for an off-peak time, offering a wider selection of available suppliers such as wedding photographers and easier accommodation arrangements near Kimbridge Barn.
  10. Prepared for weather: With a winter wedding, you can embrace the beauty of crisp sunshine or even a dusting of snow, while guests arrive prepared for the weather, ensuring everyone enjoys the day regardless of what mother nature brings.

Don’t let the chill of winter deter you; instead, embrace the season’s magic at Kimbridge Barn. Say “I do” surrounded by loved ones, twinkling lights, and the timeless beauty of this enchanting venue.

Ready to start planning your dream winter wedding? Head to our dedicated Weddings page and contact Kimbridge Barn today at and let the magic begin!


Winter Wonderland Weddings – Select any available Friday in October, November, or December 2024 for your wedding celebration and enjoy our amazing offer: no venue hire fees for parties with a minimum of 60 guests.

New Year, New Beginnings – Start your journey together in style by booking your wedding in January or February 2025. Choose our exquisite ‘Best of Kimbridge’ package for a minimum of 60 guests, and say ‘I do’ without worrying about any venue hire fees.

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