It’s fair to say most of us love Sunday roasts. And how couldn’t we?! Succulent meats, crispy roast potatoes and lashings of gravy… by the time we get to the end of a busy week, it definitely feels well-deserved. Here at Ideal Collection we believe making time to gather around the table surrounded by your loved ones makes catch-ups more meaningful and strengthens connections.. so, despite the fact it’s not a meal doctors would recommend having often (if only), it’s certainly an experience that brings us joy and adds value to our life through the power of human connection. Plus it’s like Christmas dinner, only every week 🎉🤤 pair it with a post-lunch autumnal walk and we have a winner! Let us do the cooking whilst you and your loved ones relax and enjoy a delicious roast at one of our venues 

The Boat House Café – Chichester


The Boat House Café – Swanwick

The Bugle

Kimbridge Barn


The White Horse


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