How do we take care of ourselves during such an uncertain time and what steps can we take to feel more like ourselves again?

You might be feeling overwhelmed by the constant stream of news announcements, emails and communications currently being shared on all the different platforms – and if you are, you’re certainly not alone. We’re experiencing a very surreal time in history and our daily routines, limitations and freedom have changed abruptly in a matter of weeks but there are many steps we can take to calm down those feelings of powerlessness and worry.

  • Be kind – to yourself and others. Kindness encourages compassion and empathy which are very much needed in difficult times like these. We are all on the same boat
  • Remember the things we have control over; such as the time we get up, when and how we start our morning routine, our diet, our level of exercise and how we choose to be towards ourselves
  • Make a list of things you want to do or achieve each day to keep you on track and give you structure
  • Try not to push yourself too much when it comes to exercise – over training without sufficient rest can cause stress. If you aren’t able to do moderate or high intensity exercise, going for a walk once a day will also hugely help reduce feelings of stress and worry

  • Fear can be contagious so try not to spend too much time on social media. Restorative activities such as yoga, meditation, nourishing self-care (think reading a book and turning off devices) will help calm those feelings of fear and stress
  • Give yourself permission to rest – not getting enough sleep and rest weakens immunity. Meditation before bedtime is a great way of relaxing your mind
  • Stay hydrated and limit caffeine and alcohol. Drink plenty of water throughout the day and consume less towards the evening to avoid having to get up in the middle of the night. Too much caffeine or consuming alcohol late in the day can increase anxiety and disrupt sleep

  • Take a break from the news or limit the amount of times you watch every day it if it starts to get overwhelming
  • Reach out to those who make you feel safe, check in with others if they are feeling anxious and let those people know you care
  • Look at the hurdles as opportunities. You will come out stronger on the other side if you look after yourself and are kind to others during difficult times

As a group we encourage our people to be compassionate, remember that relationships matter and to be present so we can be at our best when tackling life and work. We have been humbled by the amount of positive and encouraging messages we’ve received from our customers since we had to temporarily close down our venues and we want you all to know we care and we really can’t wait to see you all again on the other side.

Look after yourself and your people and stay safe.

The team at Ideal Collection

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