Food Heroes! ChalkStream®️ Foods

Meet Arthur one of the directors at ChalkStream®️. Only 3 miles from Kimbridge Barn ChalkStream®️ provides us with English trout from the world famous Test and Itchen Rivers in Hampshire.  Slow grown for 2 years in farms built on fast flowing pure chalk stream water, their trout are fit and lean with a unique, clean taste. ChalkStream®️ supplies a range of fresh and smoked products to our restaurants and we love that it couldn’t be more local!

Served on all our menus across Ideal Collection and a great alternative too Salmon. Watch this quick video to out what makes ChalkStream®️ so special…

Below are just some of the dishes we serve using ChalkStream®️ trout:

ChalkStream®️ trout, Edamame, mirin, pink pickled slaw, mango, sushi rice and cucumber

Smoked ChalkStream®️ trout, scrambled egg, lemon and dill

Cured ChalkStream®️ trout tacos and slaw

ChalkStream®️ trout, horseradish, scrambled egg, caviar and chive 

We also stock ChalkStream®️ products for you to purchase from Kimbridge Barn.

Why not visit one of our venues and try for yourself?


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