Join the lovely Irida from Zing Wellbeing to learn about how mindfulness and breath can improve your mind and body connection. This is a FREE session and can be booked HERE or by emailing

A bit about Irida:

My name is Irida,

Over the years I have become deeply interested in discovering a way of life that brings 

fulfilment, inner peace, vitality and joy.  I have found that to experience these qualities

in our daily life it is far from a quick fix or a destination. It is a way of life that we

cultivate as we go along, as we learn and grow as individuals.

In the last ten years I learned yoga from an exceptionally inspiring person/teacher, Judith Seelig. Gradually the practice grew into a way of life that a true practice encourages; deeper

listening, growing in perspective and awareness, a greater mental and physical suppleness, sharpness, precision and much more.

As I grew a deeper and truer connection to my body, familiarising with its deeply rich and subtle intelligence I felt drawn to explore other ways of enhancing this relationship through dance, mindful walks in nature, meditation and more.

I worked as a teacher in a college in London for almost 10 years and in the last few years I taught a personal development course aimed at adults who needed help with confidence, motivation or to have clear goals on how to live a balanced life. ​As a result I gained skills that I now use to offer Career and Life Coaching. In the last 15 years I have gone through many transformations and maturation (which has no end) that was only made possible because of others who were and are in my life, friends, teachers, family and complete strangers, the presence of love and whoever or whatever is behind the invisible help that has come my way.

Zing Wellbeing was born to give life to what I love to see more of in the world and what I love to give. The scope of Zing Wellbeing is to promote, collaborate and offer activities that bring us closer to nature, our bodies and our instinctual nature.

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