Menopause is a normal stage in a woman’s life.  Some lucky ones just breeze through, some have mild symptoms and others have a truly miserable time.  If you are in that last group, join Tasha Hartwell of Hartwell Nutrition and Suzie Fenn Yoga and Pilates on Saturday 23rd March at Kimbridge Barn for a rejuvenating and insightful day, tailored just for you.

The Thrive During Menopause Day Retreat is designed to bring hope and relief to those facing the challenges of menopause.  Join Tasha and Suzie as they explore the profound impact of nutrition and movement on your body, mind and overall well-being and guide you towards positive changes, while helping you navigate and limit the negative aspects of this transformative phase.  

The day will begin at 9.30am with a warming welcome drink followed by: 

  • An energising yoga session with Suzie Fenn in the beautiful barn to wake up, stretch and mobilise followed by a prop-filled fun Pilates session. 
  • You’ll then move into the cosy Boot Room with the roaring log burner for a relaxing nutritious lunch designed by nutritionist Tasha Hartwell.  Tasha will talk through simple ways to introduce foods into your diet and how to support your stress response.  We can’t avoid stress completely but we can help our body respond to stress. 
  • After lunch you’ll head off for a guided countryside walk to aid digestion and invigorate your senses, donning wellies & wet weather gear if necessary!
  • Then it’s back to Kimbridge Barn for a warming, restorative yoga session, followed by tea, a little afternoon pick-me-up and more words of wisdom from Tasha. 

Are you ready to treat yourself? 

Cost is £99 per person 

Reserve your place now here and immerse yourself in a supportive community of like-minded women, share experiences, laughter and a scrumptious lunch as you embark on a journey towards renewed vitality.


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