2 and a half hour Sausage Dog watercolour course with Alison Jane Calligraphy


This course is a super fun one – we will be painting sausage dogs doing funny things! Outfits, backgrounds, patterns….. this course is going to have it all! Perfect to display as a fun piece of art in your home, or gift to a friend!

Come and learn how to paint a silly sausage dog with Alison Jane using watercolours at Kimbridge Barn.


The session will begin with an introduction for how to create different effects using watercolours, how to create different marks and shapes using watercolours, leading to designing our own Sausage Dog pieces of art.


This course is suitable for beginners and beyond!

During the session, it’s always a calm and friendly atmosphere, with a relaxing vibe: perfect for your mindfulness and relaxation.


What’s included?

2 and a half hours of expert tuition

All resources needed for the session


A course card with reminders of how to create patterns and shapes that we will explore during the session


To book, please visit Alison’s website here


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