This is a weekly class that happens every Tuesday at Kimbridge Barn.

Join the lovely Lizzie in a gentle yoga class that will help boost your well-being!

Let yoga provide you with some much needed calm and tranquility – an opportunity to still and soothe the mind and be in the moment. An hour of yoga that’s just for you, your very own “me time”.
  • Learn to calm your breath, letting it deepen and lengthen. Reap the health benefits of good breathing.
  • Ease the body of tension and tiredness by relaxing it and letting the muscles stretch and release. Feel your energy recharging.
  • Gently stretch and tone your stomach and back muscles to increase stability and strength.
  • Practise balancing to improve strength, flexibility and posture.
  • Do gentle twists to boost your immune system and help detoxify.
  • Enjoy an hour totally for you and your wellbeing. Let yoga bring harmony and balance to the body, mind and emotions.


To book please email

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