Join us for a FREE workshop with Mindfulness teacher, Counsellor and lecturer in Psychology Russell Kendall.

Read a bit more about Russell and what the workshop will involve below:

My name is Russ Kendall – I have 20 years’ experience in practising and teaching Mindfulness. I am also an experienced lecturer in Psychology and an Accredited Counsellor. I have run many mindfulness courses in different settings.

Mindfulness is becoming part of our everyday narrative and the practice has attracted much empirical research as a way of responding to issues such as stress and anxiety as well as maintaining general health and well-being; it is a practice for everyone. Mindfulness is the opportunity of stepping out of ‘automatic’ and stepping into conscious awareness where we can simply observe our thoughts, feelings, physical sensations with friendly curiosity without being caught up in them.

In my introduction I shall share more about what mindfulness is, how it is practiced, and the benefits of the practice, with particular attention given to stress and anxiety. There will be time in the introduction for those present to experience mindfulness for themselves and to ask questions.

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