Ink and Flourish – A 3 part calligraphy course


This course is an absolute game-changer for those who want to really delve into calligraphy. Suitable for beginners and improvers, we will cover the basics and then you will see your calligraphy really flourish! During the course, all equipment needed will be provided.


There is an option for purchasing a take home kit – this will allow you to complete the optional gap tasks that will be set for between each session. Your take home kit will include:

Nib, Pen holder, ink, metallic ink pan, smooth practice paper, box to keep everything in


Session 1: Letter formation 101

Thursday 22nd February

9:30 – 12pm

During this session, we will explore developing and changing how each letter is formed to explore our own style. We will explore flourishes that can be added and how these look within single words.


Session 2: Creating outstanding quotes

Thursday 21st March

9:30 – 12pm

In this session, we will layout quotes in several ways and explore how bounce, flourishes and position can give your lettering the WOW factor you are looking for.


Session 3: Creative final pieces

Thursday 18th April

9:30 – 12pm

In the final session, we will explore composition within longer pieces of text and will create some final pieces using traditional wet inks and also solid finetec inks.

There will also be optional gap tasks for you to complete between each session to help you build on and consolidate your calligraphy learning.




As always. during the sessions, it’s always a calm atmosphere with a relaxing vibe: perfect for your mindfulness and relaxation.


Price: £150.00 – £165.00


To book, please visit Alison’s website here


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