Thank you to our friends at ChalkStream for giving us their full support. We look forward to introducing ChalkStream trout to our menus. This is what they said:

Yesterday, Arthur and I went to meet all the chefs from one of our longest serving customers The Ideal Collection as they prepare to reopen on Monday. We are thrilled that they have made the decision to replace salmon with ChalkStream trout across all their menus, this means a great deal to us and we feel is testament to the quality of our fish.

The Ideal Collection could not be more suitably named as all their sites are in idillic locations on the south coast. The Boat House Cafes in Chichester and Swanwick are slap bang on the sea and we are lucky enough to have Kimbridge Barn a mile up stream, which has become our extra office at ChalkStream. All their sites open on 12th April so get on their website, they are amazing.

Another thank you to our friend Jamie Oliver for sharing his ChalkStream lunch (from his freezer!) on Instagram this week, he has been amazing to us throughout the past year and we are so grateful.

Have a lovely weekend and hopefully a well earned visit to the pub next week.

Best, Hugo

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