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Did you know that the waiter who served you twilights as a computer animator? Notice the hostess pirouette to the kitchen with your order? Could you hear the chef in the kitchen his tenor skills? Or did you spot the lady who served you breakfast at the local park training dogs to do some nifty tricks?

Chances are when you meet someone who works for Ideal Collection they have something that makes them special in and out of the workplace because at Ideal Collection we believe our people should be like our venues; unique, distinctive, exciting and individual.

We welcome all sorts of experience, background and levels we just ask that you share in our same values and demonstrate what we believe are key the requirements to being successful in one of our roles.

Are enthusiastic, motivated, passionate and committed whilst enjoying their work




Enthusiastic – All our people are committed to learning new skills and whether they are with us for the long haul or not they utilize their time with us to gain as much knowledge as possible

Passionate – Our people have passion for food, drink and most importantly our customers and it radiates from them

Positive – Our sites are full of radiators not drains who embrace change and look at life with the glass half full

Authentic – Celebrating the beautiful uniqueness of every individual we actively embrace people who have something about them and want to harness what makes you special here at this company

Responsible – Without good timekeeping, reliability and commitment then all of the above is worthless and we expect our people to follow through on what they say they are going to do.

Sound like you? Then let us tell you 5 reasons why you should send your CV to us today:
1.    You may not join us with a wealth of knowledge but if you commit to us then you will definitely leave with some
2.    If you join us an F&B Server and pass your probationary period with flying colours you can get a 25p pay rise and if you continue with you training and development you can then earn up to £1.25 more an hour than when you first joined us.
All our employees have a clearly defined career path and we give you the security that we can show you how to be successful in your job
4.    We love each other! Yes that’s right, yes we have a job to do but we also have a bit of fun and a laugh as well
5.    Our benefits are great and our staff parties our legendary

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