Being Local

We want to be distinctive and individual with a drive to be the best at what we do whilst remaining local and being at the heart of our community

Using local produce has always been a priority for The White Horse Otterbourne and a part of our wider philosophy. Using great local companies, whether it be to fix our electrics or provide us with fresh meat, is key to our belief in backing local enterprises wherever it is possible. It is this approach that saw us become corporate partners with Hampshire Fare in hospitality. As local champions of great produce it was a natural fit for us to work with Hampshire Fare and we have worked together on great local events and in providing cooking demonstrations at their events.


As well as supporting local producers and suppliers we also look to play an active and positive role in the wider community. It is with this in mind that we set up ‘The Ideal Foundation’, aimed at raising funds to support local charities and good causes. To date our largest project has been to support ‘Southampton Voluntary Services’ in running the ‘Community Roots’ project. The project aims to provide training and support for disadvantaged people through working at a allotment in central Southampton. In addition to the skills learnt at the allotment it helps participants learn to work as part of a team and work towards a long term goal. Help is then provided for participant to get further training and jobs. The allotment has already produced an array of great produce which is testament to the hard work of all involved and the success of the project.


‘Ideal People’ launched in early 2015 and is the latest part of our ongoing commitment to supporting local people through enhancing our team. As well as looking outward to our suppliers and community we also believe we have a responsibility to provide our staff with the best possible platform in order to succeed. The Ideal People scheme not only sets out our vision of what kind of people want our staff to be in terms of attitude and beliefs but also offer a developmental programme for staff to work on with levels of attainment that will see them learn new skills and enhance their knowledge. This also offers chances for progression within the business and an opportunity to increase their earning potential.


The White Horse Ottebourne is lucky to be based in Hampshire as it is one of the richest counties in England in terms of the variety of produce available and the amount of great local producers. Not far from The White Horse is ‘Itchen Valley Brewery’ who provides us with our own unique Ale and the ‘Watercress Man’ who provides us with Hampshire’s nationally renowned watercress.

For details, ask employee on your next visit.
1: Pratt’s Oil
2: Charlotte Brown’s Preserves
3: The Watercress Man
4: H&H Caterers
5: Itchen Valley Brewery
6: Chalk Stream Foods
7: Loosehanger Cheese
8: Judes Ice Cream
9: Olleco Oil
10: Mozzo Coffee
11: Premier Fish
12: Harvest
13: Sunnyfields Farm