The Bugle – Being Local

We want to be distinctive and individual with a drive to be the best at what we do whilst remaining local and being at the heart of our community.

Having recently celebrated its 10th anniversary, The Bugle Hamble is a community pub. Serving our local community has been at the heart of what we do at the pub. Our ethos has always been to aid the local economy by sourcing fresh local ingredients and using the best local tradesman to help us maintain our sites. In particular our commitment to local producers saw us be approached by Hampshire Fare and asked to become a corporate partner. We have since worked closely with Hampshire Fare to showcase local produce not only in our restaurants and pubs but also through putting on events and providing demonstrations, helping to raise the profile of our area. Something we have looked to with trade presses as well, being featured in several local publications. This commitment led to us winning the South Coast Business Award’s ‘Commitment to the Region’ award.


Having established ourselves within the business community over the last 10 plus years we have also tried to show wider support for our community by establishing ‘The Ideal Foundation’. The aim of which is to raise funds and provide help to support local charities and good causes. One of our key projects has been to work with ‘Southampton Voluntary Services’ in running and funding the ‘Community Roots’ project in Southampton. Participants in the project look after an allotment in central Southampton growing a variety of seasonal produce. The project aims to provide disadvantaged people an opportunity to gain skills and be part of a team and ultimately be a step towards further training and employment. It has been a great success so far and we hope to see the participant’s hard work come to fruition both through the produce being produced and their own personal development.


Developing staff has been a key aim of the business for many years, with many of our managers and chefs rising through the ranks as they have developed. To further enhance our training provision and give an opportunity to all employees at every level we launched ‘Ideal People’. This sets out our values and provides information on what it is we really want from our employees. In addition it offers staff an opportunity to partake in training and development that counts towards a tiered progression scheme. Once everything has been achieved at a particular level staff can be eligible for promotion and better pay. It is not a tick box scheme though and employees have to show commitment, passion and energy as we are interested in developing people’s personalities as well as their skill sets. We believe this approach will make for stronger staff who can confidently deliver in the workplace.

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Great produce is essential for our continued success and we believe that sourcing from trusted local suppliers is the best way for us to deliver the strongest possible offering in our pubs and restaurants.

For for details, ask employee on your next visit.
1: Pratt’s Oil
2: Charlotte Brown’s Preserves
3: The Watercress Man
4: H&H Caterers
5: Itchen Valley Brewery
6: Chalk Stream Foods
7: Loosehanger Cheese
8: Judes Ice Cream
9: Olleco Oil
10: Mozzo Coffee
11: Premier Fish
12: Harvest
13: Sunnyfields Farm