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The Mozzo World Story

Close your eyes, take a deep breath and travel back almost a decade. What do you see? If it’s not coffee being served from the worlds first solar and wind powered coffee cart, then we don’t want to know. Yes - we’re talking about Grant Lang, the Founder of Mozzo Coffee, who began his adventure way back in 2005 from a magnificent little Indian tuk-tuk.  

His journey from way back then, to now, has been fast-paced and exciting. The early years saw Mozzo coffee bringing joy to the Hampshire community. However they were quickly approached by interested businesses and Mozzo began also supplying local cafes. By 2009, this great coffee was being sold all over Hampshire and London. And by 2010, it had reached far as Edinburgh. That’s pretty impressive isn’t it!

In 2011, the Mozzo Masters moved and Mozzo World in Southampton was born. You can still find them there now - armed with their own roaster and an impressive variety of popular coffee blends.  

You’re probably wondering what makes Mozzo coffee better than any other brand? We think it is down to the care and attention that goes into getting the perfect roast! Their strict process involves taking coffee, which has been thoughtfully harvested by hand, and small-batch roasting it at Mozzo World Southampton.  Taking a total of 12 minutes, the coffee is taken through from 180 degrees through to a scorching 228 degrees. This high heat and slow roasting time is crucial for ensuring the flavour has fully developed while ensuring perfect coffee, every time. When building a new blend it takes the Mozzo Masters about 12 months of research, mixing and matching green coffees and experimenting with different roast profiles until they find the sweet spot, and we think that is time well spent!!

If you are a regular visitor to any of our venues you will probably have noticed that we serve Mozzo coffee. We opt for the Red Label Espresso blend, an arabica blend which can impressively be traced right back to the state or co-operative it came from.  Why Mozzo you ask? Firstly because it is really good coffee. Secondly because unlike some mass market brands Mozzo actually care, donating 5p to the Community to Community fund for every kilogram of coffee sold. That’s the kind of business we want to work with. 

Mozzo have their heart set on turning coffee into an experience. They take high quality, transparently sourced coffee beans and turn them into sweet, smooth and consistent blends year after year. In fact, they operate pretty similarly to us - working seasonally to make sure they’re always buying fresh. We’ve had great compliments on our Mozzo coffee so far. That’s why, with our loyalty card, for every 5 coffees you buy you can have one on us. Great if you want to treat a friend, or if you want to keep it all to yourself - we won’t tell!

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