Ideal People

Here at Ideal Collection that our people are the secret formula to our success and we make no bones about celebrating that. We take lots of pride in recognising our greatest asset, YOU! In fact we make such a fuss about our people that we win awards such as ‘Best employers in Hospitality’ and we intend to keep on winning them.

Above: The talented Jack Robertson and the rest of the team put together a video explaining what's great about working for Ideal Collection. 

In order to continue to being amazing we need to continue to find amazing people and you never know you could be one of them.

We are not so bothered about your experience here, personality fit to our team and customers is far more important to us. What makes an Ideal person: You have a bit of oomph about you and are totally not phased by a challenge, in fact you relish it and take everything by the horns

People describe you as ‘Zesty’ because you love life, people and set out to be happy and you find you can only spend so much time with those who are negative & When you talk, you talk in an animated way, passionate about your subject and work is one of those things, people can tell when you are excited and get excited with you. People count on you because you might be a fun person but you are on even keel and understand that integrity and commitment is just as important as having a laugh

You’re a true original, you know who you are, what you are and you are honest with it but intelligent enough to know that sometimes you have to adapt your style to communicate with others. You bring fresh ideas to the table and have a passion for creation.

If you posses most of the qualities of our ‘IDEAL’ person then we think you could fit in here and even better, have a great time working for us. We are always recruiting across our many sites and so if you would like to be considered for our positions listed below then please send your CV to and put in the email which location you are interested in along with the type of job that would be ideal for you and why.



Just a few of our success stories...


Martin Doyle

Martin has progressed from Assistant Manager at The White Star, to General Manager of Cantina Mexican and The Boat House Cafe - Swanwick Marina to returning to the White Star Tavern in 3 short years. 


Tamas Micelo

Arriving at The White Star as a glass collector, Tamas showed eagerness to develop himself. Within two years he was Assistant Manager at The White Star. Also establising himself as one of Southampton's finest Cocktail mixologists.